Perfectly Perfect

August 24, 2011
By Anonymous

She is perfect in my eyes
She is selfless
She is intelligent
She is beautiful
She is elegant
She is humble

She has the perfect life
Perfect friends
Perfect attitude
Perfect plan
Perfectly perfect, right?
Perfect boyfriend, or at least she thought so

She was too good for him
We all could see it
He wanted her perfectness all to himself
Didn't want her to have a life outside of the one they shared
But she was so in love
She never saw it coming

After three years, seven months, and twelve days
He told her he was no longer excited to see her
Told her she was an unsupportive girlfriend
That was the most untrue statement ever made about her
Her, the most selfless person I've ever known
He doesn't have the right to make her feel the way he did

She was too good for him
He knew she was
No one ever thought he would be the one to end it
But she never would have done it
Would not have even dreamt of it
Because she did not see the flaws that we did

He could never make up his mind
In every aspect of his life
Not even twenty-four hours later,
He said he'd made a mistake
He wanted her back
But he'd already done too much damage

I was not upset because of the break-up
It needed to happen
I just hate the way it happened
But that was the only way
It simply killed me to think of how she felt,
My perfectly perfect sister

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