August 24, 2011
By Hollie.Michele. SILVER, Prineville, Oregon
Hollie.Michele. SILVER, Prineville, Oregon
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I am dead inside because of you

I am nothing

You've torn me apart

You've made me who I am now

I am miserable

You, Devil, have killed me inside

You are evil

I feel as if I am a sparrow soaring in the wind with no direction

Without you

You have ruined everything good in my life...

You were the good in my life

And now I am left with nothing

Oh Devil how I despise you now

You have abused me with your sinful words of hatred

When you talk, you slap me across the face with your lies

You have wrecked my life

You have wrecked my world

You have wrecked me

You have my soul

Give it back, Devil

Please give it back

All the good in my life has been torn apart

For you, Devil, have made sure of that

Haven't you?

You want me to die so much inside to where I bow down to you

I am stronger than that

I will never bow down to your wickedness

Even when I am at my weakest

You cannot bring me down any more than you already have

You have weakened me but I shall not fall

For I am strong and mighty

Mighty like a warrior

I am a warrior

Even at my weakest point

I am stronger than you

I want to die

You have my soul

Let me free, Devil,

I beg of you,

Let me free


I am nothing anymore

You've killed me

You truly are the


The author's comments:
I wrote this about my ex-boyfriend when he broke my heart.

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