Holding On

September 7, 2011
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I don't want to like you anymore.
I don't want to care.
So how come every time you're near me,
I can't help but stare?
I deleted you from my Facebook, I deleted you from my phone.
So why is my heart not letting me move on?
Every time I see you, my brain whispers "no".
But my heart screams "yes!"
Can someone please get me out of this mess?
And every time I almost get myself to stop,
when I convince myself I like someone new,
It blows up in my face, and always leads back to
It is as if fate is telling me,
"Please, don't give up on him yet."
But he gave up on me a long time ago, so why should my faith be kept?
I don't want to like you anymore!
I don't want to care!
But then, a little thought lingers in the back of my mind,
"What if there's something you're missing? Something in him you're not seeing?"
This little thought keeps me from leaving.
It keeps me believing in something that's probably not worth believing.

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