September 7, 2011
By Shortiie16 BRONZE, Lawton, Oklahoma
Shortiie16 BRONZE, Lawton, Oklahoma
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Life isn't all what we think of
Its not about fame and fortune
Nor the material things
Its not about whether
People hate us
Love us
Life is a learning experience
You get a test thrown at you
Then you learn a great lesson from it
During our lifetime
We will have many
Problems that we will
Encounter but we
Have to make the most
Of it.
Life is just basically fun & games
We laugh, cry and sing with joy
When its our time to
Die we will not
Remember those times
When we were made fun of
Laughed at, cried self to sleep
Wondered when this life will
Come to an end
But we will remember when we
Had fun with family & friends
Good at certain talent
When we used to dream
We can change the world
All we have left to do is
Love, Live, and Laugh
Throughout life
Until there is no more
Left in you,!:)

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