Learning to live.

September 7, 2011
By Jaded_Memories SILVER, Farmington, Missouri
Jaded_Memories SILVER, Farmington, Missouri
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Physical beauty fades no matter what we do, it's our persona that last, that's remembered, not what size we were or how beautiful our face was.

You say you want to be alone,
Well no one's home,
Not for awhile now,
Where is it you think you're to go?

She smiles at you,
But she's not yours,
You hear that crying,
You know it's too hard,
But you're still too stubborn.

Too much to care,
Too much to over look,
Too much to love.

Never anymore than a few words,
Everything you want to say,
It's caught on your tongue.

It never made a difference anyway.
Learn to live and love,
But you've never lived to love,
So you've packed your bags and the door slams.

You learned to live for yourself,
But you forgot about the rest.

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