September 7, 2011
We're guilty.
Of revenge,
Of envy,
Who's going to forgive such things?

We're filthy,
Never asked anyone of their day.
Of their concerns.
We're human.

We want to so bad,
But scars from the past are permanent,
After years it took to hide them,
We're too afraid to let the world see them.

There's a teenage girl to afraid to cry,
A teenage dad too scared to stay,
A mother crying,
A daughter confused and hurt.
Mommy left her there.

A grandmothers dying,
The families too concerned with petty things.
All she needed was someone to hold her hand.

We dream at night of finding it,
Whatever we're missing.

Across the world starving countries are in war,
Powerful countries falling into poverty and crime,
Needless fighting we'll never give up.

The world man kind has made,
The world we'll never mend,
The hearts and souls lost without a second thought,
We never ask why

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