A monstorous thing,

September 7, 2011
Love doesn't understand the past.
Love doesn't communicate with who you were.
It knows the present.
Love keeps looking on to the future.

We hold it so well once it's captured.
Caging it within us.
An innocent feeling.
An innocent feeling that turns into a monstrous thing when broken.

Wasn't it so easy?
To fall.
It only hurt when love let go.
We've crashed and we've burned.
Love could murder.
Love has murdered.

Love will run through the night more silent than the cold wind.
Catching the unsuspecting.
Letting the lucky last in it's warmth.
While the weak fell apart.

Love's not evil, no.
We tend to fear it by nature.
We throw it out.
Self destructive beings.
Love strives to care for us.
Few are smart enough.
Smart enough to keep it.
To let it grow.

It's the monster we've made it.

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