Love, you gave no warning.

September 7, 2011
By Jaded_Memories SILVER, Farmington, Missouri
Jaded_Memories SILVER, Farmington, Missouri
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Physical beauty fades no matter what we do, it's our persona that last, that's remembered, not what size we were or how beautiful our face was.

It's something like that feeling,
That feeling watching the first snowfall as a child,
You watch the diamonds gift of snow fluttering around,
It's not a feeling to pin,
It's a combination and you wont forget it.

Because your heart wont stop and your pulse wont cease to thump about wild as night.
One touch,
Another kiss,
It's your favorite drug.
It's your hardest habit to kick.

And they don't know,
No they've yet to see it,
It's the safest habit to keep,
The best drug of life to let run wild.
I'd let it stick around forever and beyond.
If only it ever lasted that long.
We get those taste of it and we drop them and run.
Our supplier finds it too much to bear, they're done.

You don't need to crush it,
A needle wont give you this.
It's considered to some a myth.

Oh love, oh love could it be you exist?
Oh love, oh love, we've forgotten.
Oh love we're broken.
Could you mend the still opened wounds?
Could you dissolve the scars?

Let's skip to the end,
Find out if we made it,
If it did exist for us.

Tell me do we end up content?
Or left behind and jaded?

Dear God not another love story.
Dear boy not another princess to rescue.
Hey princess don't fall so fast and easy.

Love stop coming so unexpectedly.

I needed a warning.

He's holding on so strong to me.
It's not right,
Not what is expected,
I think we've lost our minds.

Oh love, oh love, don't leave me.
Love it's not fair to play this game.
Let us win this time love.
Just once,
A technical fluke,
But love let us have this one for our team.
It's my biggest fan and I'm playing stronger for it.

The author's comments:
This is probably the first positive thing I've wrote in a long while.

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