I'm better without you

September 7, 2011
By ehen92 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ehen92 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Cause baby I don’t need you.
I can do better than you and I don’t why I stayed with you for so
I’m better than this,
I’m better than you.

I will make my mark on the world and you will not hold me down.
Cause baby I don’t need you.
You only brought me down
And it amazes me how long I tolerated your crap,
The manipulation and control.

I am my own person and I don’t know why I let you dictate the rules for me,
But I am done with you, I am over you.

God only knows why I cared for so long;
You treated me like a possession and put down my dreams,
It was like a bad country song.

I will be a judge and I will be in politics if I want to be,
You will not tell me what to do.
I’m too smart to let you



g me down anymore.

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