8th Deadly Sin

September 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Being different is sinful we are told and preached
God, Allah, Yahweh condemns them all and heaven they shalt not reach.
The tornado of hate spirals, strikes, and dehumanizes tons,
Veiled, censored, and forced to follow the crowd, many choose the gun.
Oppressors have blessing from above and "the word" they persist to teach.

Faithful we strive to be, heaven we wish to reach, thus we berate every one and each,
We state it's a choice that must be fixed, we 'tempt to cleanse their soul with some holy bleach.
Alas, we pay no heed to the scientists or the chemists, for we're told by nuns
Being different is sinful.

Religion is man-made and God does not consider them a waste of space or leech,
Like shades of colors, none are worth more nor less, ergo heaven they are bound to reach!
Man has made religion and man has made the rules and man has feared being overrun,
Whence man used His name to ease his unfamiliar and gauche self and thought it was done.
This new age is the breath of fresh air, as we kill habits and refuse to screech that
Being different is sinful!

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