Against Dark

September 5, 2011
By Anonymous

The scars tell a story,

Of once upon a time,

When there was no worry,

Just smiles and peace.

Then came the change,

For the one girl,

She felt some rage,

Which started the war.

She hid her tears,

Not letting them show,

Faced every fear,

Up till the end.

They ate her soul,

Causing the hole,

Followed their role,

Until there was nothing.

The demons of pain,

Took them away,

Tears fell like rain,

As everything was gone.

Her body felt dread,

Her soul felt cold,

She is now dead,

And is resting in Hell.

They made it sound,

As if it was her fault,

As she's laid in the ground,

They banished them all.

The demons of hate,

Left with her spirit.

And as if she was their fate,

They were never seen again.

The author's comments:
"Scars tell a story...." read on to find out what the story is

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