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Surrounding Influences

September 5, 2011
By Anonymous

As I sit in this desolate room, I hear the rain staedily pounding against the window, my soul longing to feel its cold touch. The wind howls its neverending song, that not many take the time to listen to. A song full of agony & pain, joy & happiness. Passing on tales of lost souls to awaiting ears. The sky is steadily darkening, colors begin to blend in together. As the sky darkens, so does my room, which sends shadows scattering along the barren walls. I hear heaby pounding in my ears, it is the sound from some distant memory. I pull my knees to my chest. I then lay my head down upon them. I cover my ears to stop the escalating screams that are now consuming them.

The author's comments:
Just thought I would write a piece about how as a teenager we sometimes feel as if the world is crashing around us and that nothing we do ever goes right, and to know at some point we all feel that way, so your never alone.

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