Tease the Mountain

August 30, 2011
By Anonymous

The water swishes gently on the shore
As the gritty sand disappears into the sea.
Somewhere in a forest, the river bubbles
Merrily, a baby who has no sense of time
Oh, if only we knew how much damage
The cruel waters would cause.
How many lives the liquid crystals
Would preserve.
Tease the mountain all you want.
Let your rueful laugh echo, echo.
Stable mountain, imprisoned
In its rocky position, never free.
But never tease the water.
Haunting, swirling monsters
Displaying their dark past.
Uncontrollable, free, their icy
Touch makes you shiver in fright.
Dragging countless souls down
To where their watery tombs
Linger patiently.
Overwhelming currents with their
Unlimited power, they don't play fair.
They don't give you a chance.
Teasing and playing with you
Mercilessly till it grows tired
Of the game and lets you sink.
There is more to water than just water.
Don't tease the water.

The author's comments:
"You can look down on the mountain, but you can never look down on the water." This Chinese quote inspired me to write this poem when I was required to write a poem for an assignment. Without this quote, I would have never come up with this poem. This quote is basically telling people how dangerous and unpredictable water can be. It is very true and I love it.

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