August 30, 2011
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Bravest be the heart who walks to thy door.
Amidst the quacking knee and the throbbing chest
Then cast the mighty hand to disturb thy peace
And that trembling mouth to justify the thrill
Of the sleepless heart.

Desperate is the soul of a loving being
For think she’d not and fully unaware
Never would despise such illogical actions
When things got involved with her beloved
Longed and mourned.

For thou know nothing and nothing you will know
Of Such admiration which I celebrated with tears
Drops came from my truthful feeling
That thou will only be a dream
To vanish with the morning, sunny and real.

And bravest be that heart who would disturb thy serenity
Let you have knowledge of this ambition and mourning
For whether for humor or delight it is to you
She’d gladly turn back, wipe the sadness
And be joyous to release the burden, heavy and exploding

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