Past Year

September 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Back to the days of pure bliss and joy
When it could rain and not effect you
The rain could touch your skin
And warmth would caress your body
The thunder would bring stories
Stories about love,adventure and hope
The loudness wouldn’t hurt you
The lightning wouldn’t harm you

Back to the days of settling and hoping
When the snow almost made you smile
The fire nearly made you un-numbed
Its flames about to reach your heart
The gingerbread conveying your innocence
Family and friends supply you with hope
The twilight is settling over you
The Darkness is waiting for you

Back to the days of anger and resentment
When the flowers couldn’t cheer you up
The butterflies flew circles around you
And it only caused irritation and bitterness
The sun didn’t smile down on you
It didn’t wrap its’ warm arms around you
The lights are beginning to fade
The sun is falling down

Back to simpler days
Back to happier days
Back to hopeful days
Back to living days
Back to peaceful days

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