A Soldier's Deep Agony

September 4, 2011
A soldier walks down the road,
Full of grief and misery.
His mind was crippled,
His body just fine,
Yet, he had been emotionally damaged.
On his face was a pure look of grimness,
For he had seen sights he wished he had never seen.
He was broken down inside,
All because of the horrors of war.
For a long time, he had wanted to go home,
Though now, he wasn’t so sure about that.
It had been a long time since he had set foot at home,
But now he was going to see his family at last.
His one true love was there as well,
Though complications between them made him wonder if he wanted to see her at all.
There was a mix of emotions within the soldier’s self,
He just felt sad too much.
Here he was, standing in front of the place he had called home since childhood.
As he was going through the door, he remembered something,
Which was, he had lived a soldier’s deep agony.

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