Always Something

September 4, 2011
By dkhaygood BRONZE, Quincy, California
dkhaygood BRONZE, Quincy, California
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You'll find it, we always find it

When I sleep I'm happy, because I might dream of her

As I rise, I smile, because there's always a chance I may see her

When I check my phone I grin stupidly as I see her name

You see, you can travel miles mentally and physically

But there's always something

That's gonna pull you back to her

And when I see her I always want to hug her

If we embrace I never want to let go

I hold her tight and put my chin against the back of her shoulder

And close my eyes to silently pray for a moment

When we speak, her voice is music

When she messages me her words enliven me

I can't help myself

I only hope when I awake to when I slumber

That she won't be the one

The one that got away

Everyday I feel closer to her

Everyday my smile grows wider

Everyday my heart aches more

It's as though it beats solely for her at times

When I sleep I'm happy, because I might dream of her

And when I see it is my duty to keep her happy

Or to simply keep her sane

I smile because I'm the one that she listens to

She tells me the troubles of her life and I put in my advice

Pray again that it keeps her alive

And smile as I tell her I love her

If only she knew what love I mean

But I am at peace with where I am in her heart now

Because I know I still am in her heart

Always something to bring me back

No matter how far she seems she never leaves my heart

I've grown since my first fall for her

Many different things have happened since then

But I watch as she grows and learns

We learn and experience together and apart

But always we become closer

I know I will never let her go

Because something always is gonna bring me to her

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