Cry For Me

September 4, 2011
By dkhaygood BRONZE, Quincy, California
dkhaygood BRONZE, Quincy, California
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You'll find it, we always find it

They told me day one I was in second
I watched from the third still
Begging for that spot on the first
Now I'm not even in the numbers
I had that spot on the second go around
Now it's out the door
And my return is in question

From the side I stared, broken to pieces
The smoldering remains of envy
Were hit with a spark of want
Yet again the flame of rage was once again lit
And in my chest the forest of emotion was on fire
Now reflection takes place
The first flower or re-growth begins to blossom

You don't know why you do it
For some reason you look in the mirror and leave
Every intention is set forward
And when you step foot in your world out of your home
Something inside realizes the awful mistake you've made
And tugs at your mind to run back and hide
Still you do it

Now all that's left is looking in their eyes
Telling the debt and how it is going to repaid
Righteously they could say yes
Justly they would reject your reasoning
Would it be the color in your cheeks that makes the choice for them?
The shattered red glass that is your heart
Will come together no matter the outcome

These stars in that blackened cold sky
Though they are the warmest features of the universe
Are still a symbol for the bleak and chill that is the night
You might not see them through your towering skyscrapers
Or the thick of the trees
You're not gonna go through life not seeing them though
It seems every hard decision is made while these stars shine the brightest

The wolves cry just before your lips finally meet the others
Yet they can bring you together
As you hold one another close
All your similarities and stories and connections
Together on the same mattress
What's it like?
You won't know till you see her beauty in the morning
Or in the pictures

It's heartbreak when everything you held dear is falling apart
When you're thrown from one to none
Seen the stars blur as tears roll from your cheeks
And reminisce the wolves cries
But that fire inside is growing back
More beautiful and warmer than ever before
It's just time separating the first flowers from the towering trees
The trees can be the skyscrapers hiding the stars

Stuck looking at photo's of how great it was
And how amazingly lucky you are
It's time to look forward
Now that fire's blazing
But no trees are burning
No more forest to rebuild
There was no forest to begin with
It always was an orange twisting fiery hell in there anyways
But it's what makes us who we are

What needs to be done is so simple
But until the entire scene has passed
You're never gonna know what it really was
You'll replay in your mind thousands of times
See all the missing pieces on what side
And the outline of the puzzle on the other
When you've put everything back in the box
You'll see how it all should have fit

Just make the call
Perform the surgery
Take the notes
And once you look into their eyes and tell them the debt
Every answer you want will be answered
Lie in the grassy slope to see the sun go down
So the stars will bring the night
And every wolf will cry for you while you find your soul
Every star will shine for the night
And you'll take your number

The author's comments:
Why will the wolves cry and the stars shine?

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