Left Shoe

September 3, 2011
By Molly Dignan BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Molly Dignan BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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You are not who you used to be
You used to be a part of me
A part of me, a paradox, a pair with me,
The left shoe, strung tightly
Created a bond between the shoe and I
--excuse me, I meant you and I
That one day, will intertwine and then cry,
A cry. Because I am the only one that can save you from this demon called reality
Sometimes I feel like our friendship was fake,
an abnormality
Creating heaven versus hell
Man versus women
Women versus rights
Rights versus voices
Voices versus you
You versus me.
You versus me.
That’s how it used to be.
Now you’re just a shark with too many layers of teeth
Cutting way too deep into the skin of my feelings like it was a piece of meat.
Now I’m dead and
You’re here, creating an atmosphere to which you cannot adhere.
Now it’s you versus your layers of teeth
And one day when you wash up on the beach
And I will be there to say that you are not who you used to be
I’ll be there to mend your voice, because you were a part of me.
Just remember you cut me way too deep to be a star to me,
Another speckle of light floating around in the stratosphere
Now tell me, what is part of your atmosphere?

The author's comments:
They say we keep our friends close, but our enemies closer..

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