Dance with the stars

September 3, 2011
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I wish I could dance with the stars,
Dance with the moon
And even hold hands with Mars
I wish I could go somewhere so far away from here
That I can swim the Milky Way, ride asteroid belts
Never do things with fear
There are so many things built up inside my heart that
Maybe one day ill be free from this earth so that maybe ill be apart
From you
I wish held the sun
At least It could manifest the same warm feeling I felt
When you were there
This world keeps us from flying
But I never realized it
When I was with you
I felt that you was the moon
I was the star and we defied gravity
Flew past the sun
Past that force that kept us so grounded
This pull that I have to the ground
Maybe since you left
I finally felt it come around
Now that you’re gone
I can no longer dance with the moon and the stars
I can never hold my hand with mars
Now that you’re gone
I’m just stuck to this earth
Trying to spread my roots
So maybe one day
We’ll dace again
Until then
Ill try to grow closer to you.

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