Starlight Symphony

September 3, 2011
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You saw me standing there,
my eyes locked away,
staring off into nowhere,
but with so much there to say.
You approached without regret,
with so much grace to share,
You held me with that playful gaze,
those eyes I can't compare.
I expected so much less,
false charm and pick-up lines,
but you asked me only of the stars,
so bright above the pines.
I thought it over,
but was silent, nonetheless,
With a smile, you took my hand,
to show me what you meant.
I lay alongside you,
my eyes to the sky like yours,
I asked what you did intend,
there was silence, nothing more.
Then you spoke,
you voice of the lightest laughter,
You told me of the world around,
And what you were truly after.
You told me you saw my eyes,
so blank and hidden away,
You wanted to see who truly was,
beneath the clouds and rain.
I look into your eyes,
and am startled by the sight,
so deep and honest, pure and true,
so full of unyielding light.
You trace the lines above,
each one between the stars,
You say that they play a song,
eternal chords on perpetual bars.
You compose a magical tune,
a starlight symphony,
a beautiful, shining orchestra,
you cannot hear, only see.
You showed me how to truly grasp,
the essence of life and love,
and all you did was take my hand,
and show me the stars above.

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