Geometric Quadratics

September 5, 2011
By MandyLynn94 BRONZE, Macon, Georgia
MandyLynn94 BRONZE, Macon, Georgia
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"This is about your life.
This is about your future."
A pair of range banners
hanging in teacher's
overcrowded math class.
Retro, geometric string
art decorates the otherwise
drab cream-colored walls
Blank stares focused on
the teacher, reviewing
the factoring of quadratics.
I can see their thoughts,
blazing brightly like
billboards. "We don't
remember this. When will
I even USE this, anyways?
This is about my life?
This is about my future?
I fail to see how."

The author's comments:
We went over this at the beginning of the school year and I was amazed at how little some people just didn't care.

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