September 4, 2011
By dkhaygood BRONZE, Quincy, California
dkhaygood BRONZE, Quincy, California
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You'll find it, we always find it

Sure they said something
Does that mean it holds any spark of truth?
It smolders your heart, sure
But will you stoke the fire?
It's up to you, you know
You made the choice to play their game
The game they made the rules to
Now you walk away shattered

The ashes inside will always be able to start anew
But will you arise like the phoenix?
Look at the stars, they can be your bright future
Or the spaces between them like the burnt out black holes
But don't let that make you compare your life to the constellations
Like you they have stories
Like you the heroes in those stories made choices

Now these words of advice aren't just made for you to heed
Listen to the music and make your own
These words are only for you to make something out of
Make something out of the music and this
See what you become
Are these lyrics?
Or is this a broken dream
Cold and broken Hallelujah?

We all shout
We all look for someone to hear our shouts
Or is it something?
We all cry
We all try to find something that we end up crying over
Or that we will never have to?
Don't let it happen if it's not what needs to
Make it happen like it should
How you see it

The author's comments:
We're all hurt somehow, and in our heart are the ashes. But will we rise from them like the phoenix?

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