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August 26, 2011
By unic0rn BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
unic0rn BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"Buy the ticket, Take the ride" - Hunter S. Thompson

You taught me a lesson once
I found you laying in the woods
You said
I went on a walk to discover how fragile life is
Said I learned I can die in an instant easy
You pulled a cancer stick up to your lips
Said, I'm cremating my lungs slowly
But what you didn't understand
Is, to turn to ash you need to be set on fire
But, How could you know this
I watched you as you inhaled
Counting each second as you did
Waiting for the one that would kill you
You never did understand the concept of living
I stroked your hair
Messaged it at the roots
Relaxed you
Said you're beautiful I love you
Like the way your throat opens as you scream
The way your eyelashes bat against mine
When you breathe deeply
I said I was sorry
I never taught you how to die easily
Live painlessly
Never taught you how to love properly
I kissed you on the thumbnail
Said one day you'll understand
Said you're beautiful
Don't be afraid to grow
Dig your roots in deep
And don't forget how to breathe without smoke

The author's comments:
Sometimes no one really cares, sometimes people do.

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