Scarry Scarry Night

August 25, 2011
By Jackp077 GOLD, St. Charles, Illinois
Jackp077 GOLD, St. Charles, Illinois
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Don't you see all the f***ing s**t I've been through?
I've been f***ed and s**t on too many time to see truth,
All these red, glowing eyes which I see in the dark,
Hold me deep to the night and make my scars.
And these scars that I form, they spell out themes.
One's for you and me, the other's for my dying dreams.
Hold this pen up in the dark and gouge one more line,
hell it's just a little scar.
The paper, shes fine.
And that queen who shown the light,
She ate up the dark, my scars on my skin no more,
They cover my heart.

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