Song titles Poem - Foo Fighters

August 30, 2011
By Anonymous

In your honor, I stand
like stacked actors and,
there's no way back,
but what if I do? breakout
and have the best of you
it will be a miracle and I'll ask
for another round
I'll DOA (die over for you) for you
let them give me stitches
If i'll always be a friend of a friend
Hell! I can't live like that
you are my generator
and I'll never say over and out
This is not the last song
Your aurora will always be here
free me and put me on the mend
live in skin and resolve me
keep me in the Virginia moon to next year, let it be a cold day in the sun, the deepest blues are black
remove the headwires and razors
isn't this the life now?
lets always be MIA,
going away to learn to fly we'll be full forever if we are together

The author's comments:
This poem is made up of the Foo Fighters music titles, they form the major part of the poem, so look closely and you just might find songs that you like

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