The Wind

August 29, 2011
By Hisgirl1027 BRONZE, Severn, Maryland
Hisgirl1027 BRONZE, Severn, Maryland
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The wind is blowing but the trees aren't listening

The rain on their faces like tears are glistening.

The wind is desperately wanting to be heard

But the trees aren't hearing a single word.

The leaves in the wind are blowing around;

The trees ignorantly unaware of the whistling sound.

The wind keeps on blowing, hoping to make the trees care

But the trees just stand still as if the wind is not there.

The wind dies down and leaves alone the trees

Who stand and wonder: "What happened to the breeze..."

The author's comments:
I would try and try to speak up, but no one would hear me. Finally, my silence spoke louder than my words.

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