Will The Love Come Back?

August 29, 2011
By Silentperson BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Silentperson BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"love isn't always fair but it's worth a try"

She was simple and quiet, says her dark colored room

Door locked and unopened to the clueless, outside world;

The girl was heartbroken, said the trashcan of used tissues

And shattered picture frame; poetry was all she could give him,

Says the journal full of the feelings and words of love she written for him;

She wants to leave and forget, says her packed duffle bag and opened window ready for departure; the girl can’t leave with heartrending memories and without a small glimpse of her old life , says the distant laughter of her family.
He still cares for her, says the message on her phone

playing soft music that lingers against the tear-stained floor

and ripped-postered walls; she doesn’t know what to do anymore,

says the corner containing a slumped sobbing body;

Her decisions were hard to make, says the pile of pictures of friends and family next to another pile of faraway places in the pocket of her duffle bag;
The girl was sorry for her leave and loved her parents, says the handwritten note addressed to them.
The choice had been made, says the leg going through the window

And out the house; her heart wrenching love wanted her back

Says the surprising rose being held in front of the girl by her only love;

Was she going to forgive him?, says the dropped bag on the ground and speechless, tear-faced female; he didn’t want to let her go

says his tight embrace and soothing words filled with regret

New thoughts have entered her head, says her serious expression yet sadden face; they loved each other no matter what caused the pain, says their rose like kiss.

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