False Smile

August 30, 2011
By Writingforme BRONZE, Flanders, New Jersey
Writingforme BRONZE, Flanders, New Jersey
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-Susan Shaprio

My false smile
Might fake you for a while

But where my lips end
And my brows look up to the heavens

Is where my facade no longer shows
But where all my anger and sadness glows

As soon as you walk away, my smile transforms to a frown
And my eyes stay glued to the ground

I wish I could leave and go to the sky
But first I'd have to say goodbye

But I can't leave you all alone
Sitting there looking at your phone

The thought of leaving you hurts so much
Taking a few painful punches
Doesn't actually hurt that much

So I leave my fake smile on
In hopes that it will fake me out as well

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