Holding On

August 30, 2011
By Donovanet SILVER, Avon, Indiana
Donovanet SILVER, Avon, Indiana
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The hanging ceiling tiles fade,
I'm drifting off so far away,
away from all the pain inside,
the pain that we all try to hide.
Can you release what you don't feel?
Are you sure that pain is real? Hands clenched white, so tight you're numb,
you'd rather die than admit to one human flaw,slight imperfection. It's in your face you fear rejection.
Locked up in your barricade,
you're lost inside your own charade,
believing in the words you say, repeating it will be okay.
The time keeps slipping through your grasp,
seems life is flying by so fast.
And where does love fit into this, a love you don't believe exists? Not even gods or mortal myths, could find true love without a twist.
And that's what keeps me up at night,
the knots my heart has tied so tight,
the ropes I wish I could ignite, the story that I would rewrite.
I'd give you back your wasted time,
let the scenes of life rewind.

A simple knock at my door,
puts my feet back on the floor, ceiling tiles and wooden walls, you can't escape life's struggles and falls,
coping with the pain you feel, this pain that's unmistakably real."

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