Can't you imagine?

September 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Show me the brilliant pathway
words cannot explore
just behind the sky.
please set the rhythm
in my mind
I've never felt

Show me the brilliant pathway
that I cannot implore
the line between right and wrong
plummets to the floor

Show me the brilliant pathway
that I so long ignored
lingering in the dawn of sight
and fading in the morn

show me the vivid painting
that you constructed so
the line between correct and free
and pasted in the door

Show me the brilliant pathway
you have set so in your mind!
I want to see the colors
and cast away the lies!
Help me find the right way
and help me see the wrong
and don't picture up reality
in the middle of the song
and when the day is over
let us never say
"you can never imagine what I saw today"

cause if you look deep enough
and close off to the blights
you'll know exactly what I mean
and what I tried to hide.

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