She Asks Her Father

September 3, 2011
By Anonymous

An innocent, sweet baby looked at her father and laughed. Her father too busy said "For the meeting, my hair must be quaffed"
A gregarious, young girl asked her father for a hug. Her father, still busy said "Can you fill up my mug?" An astute, graceful lady asked her father for a car. Her father, not looking said "Don't go too far"
A now grown up adult asked her father for a kiss. Her father not listening said "This paper's a bliss"
A morose, shiny coffin asked her father for love. Her father, now free cried "My daughter, I will see you above"

The author's comments:
I never had my biological father around and the father figure that raised me was always busy at work. This poem are the cries of a daughter for the simple parental affection she never received. And today, some parents wait until the last moment to realize that life, in its delicate state, can turn around and change. Everyone must appreciate the little moments of happiness they have in front of them; or wait to find a cold and barren space where there is no human emotion and one is trapped in a spiral of apathy.

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