September 3, 2011
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I am stronger now. You can’t hurt me anymore. Every day I pull myself up farther, farther away from your pain, you’re hurt that has consumed me for so long. I am not that naïve little girl anymore who would follow you to the ends of the earth just to see that smile. We are not young as we use to be, you cannot pretend not to see the pain in my eyes when I hold your hand. One day you will realize you lost the one thing that always was there for you, always waiting to fall in your arms. Withdraw your hand because I no longer need it to pull myself up, to make the world okay. I take a step back and realize the power you held over me is sick, all my strength drained by your heart always taking but never giving back. This is a call to all of the victims, stand as though you were never touched by the shadow of hurt, live as though you never felt pain, and love as though you will never feel it again.

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