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September 3, 2011
By luvpep98 BRONZE, Fresno, California
luvpep98 BRONZE, Fresno, California
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Love is when you are totally and completely obsessed with someone. You can't stop thinking about them and whenever you think about them all you want to do is be with them.

Love is when a girl allows a guy who is going through a storm of terrible stuff to cry on the shoulder of her favorite shirt (which is saying a lot).

Love is when a girl calls a guy up to vent about the storm in her life and he drops his controller to Black Ops just to talk to her on the phone.

Love is when someone chats you on Facebook right as your about to log off and you stay on just to chat with them about what's going on in their life.

Love is when one person cares so much for the other and vice versa that they would do anything-including die-for them

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