The Death of Me

September 3, 2011
By JoshSchultz17 BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
JoshSchultz17 BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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Even though you'll be the death of me I will walk straight into that fire,
Holding onto your hand as the flames get higher.
If we burn then let it be
Because I will die knowing that I love you, and that you love me
The flames consume us as we walk further down the path
the fire growing in size to show the potential of its wrath
our skin is burning but I know we will make it through
because I will let you be the death of me, but I won't be the death of you
so, we run as if something is chasing us through all the fire
I just want you to make it through, it's my only hearts desire
I would walk the world one million tI'me just because I love you
and as we burn in this fire I know that you love me too
falling down through a ring of fire we say our last goodbyes
we didn't make it through, but I guess it wasn't a surprise
one last kiss, one last hug, and you will have saved yourself from this
but I will burn, and I will hurt, but for now the pain will be dismissed
goodbye, I will never see you again as I still burn in this fire
you left me heart broken and all alone as these flames get higher
I thought you loved me, and I thought you cared, I can't believe you did this to me
you lied to me, I thought that you and I were meant to be
you were the death of me
I have fallen to hard to fast
the flames have consumed, and to all the people that care about me, I'm sorry I couldn't last
just remember me as the heartbroken boy that lay at your feet in ash

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my ex gf. I used the fire as a metaphor for our problems. I thought her and I could get over everything. Now the death of me part is more talking about how I am not ok. If you don't understand my poem than i'm sorry cause it is a little odd. Enjoy

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