Playing Pretend

September 3, 2011
I sat there silently
and watched you walk away
I didn't shed one tear
for some reason I played pretend
and acted like this was all okay
The next thing I knew the door slammed shut
I felt like I was a million miles away from you
like there was never an us
like there was never a me and you
That's when it hit me
I finally realized I need you
but it's to late
Our relationship is locked away
where ever God hides
all the things people did to mess with their fate
The memories, the fights, the love-
never to be seen again
because God punishes those who hate,
those who don't appreciate the things they have
the chances they get but don't deserve
You see, God always punishes those who sin
so he took you away from me
but I'm afraid its to late to get you back
because the sin isn't only in me
the sin is me

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