September 1, 2011
So brilliant is she
The one whose eyes shine when she smiles
Spreading her love to those around her
She has a gravitational pull
Bringing many in to orbit
They assume she has no worries to fret
Somehow they just can't see that the shine at all
It's burning
The yearning for something better to come along
She can't seem to find it
Never in her line of sight
She keeps searching, never not aware of the constant burn
It gets stronger with time, never letting up
No one can see, she can't be weak
She's been strong for so long
She can't figure how
Never letting go of that yearning
Never able to get rid of the burning
She sits and endures
Silent in her agony, she can't seem to speak
Hope is all she has
She can't seem to feel her heart beat
Is it dead, is she dead?
As if she should be so lucky. . .

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willowwriter said...
Sept. 8, 2011 at 8:56 pm
Chilling but very good. Keep writing!
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