September 1, 2011
By Larii BRONZE, Lake Stevens, Washington
Larii BRONZE, Lake Stevens, Washington
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"Reality sounds like a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there." ~Unknown

Why do people not understand
that animals are alive?
Why do they feel
that they can just take out their anger
on something
than themselves?

Why do they think
that animals can’t feel?
Register pain?

Some people
may think
they’re being
When in fact
they’re destroying a life
just as equal
to themselves
and anyone else’s

It’s illegal
It’s not fair
The government thinks
throwing them into a jail
for 2 years
will do the trick?


Animal abusers
are monsters
Twisted hearts

They might as well be taking out their rage
on another human being

So why can’t our government
take more action?

Animals are alive
They can feel
They can think
And they can most certainly
register pain

are living

are living

Basically the same

So why?

The author's comments:
I can not stand anyone who thinks that animals are lower than human beings. I hope that this will help others to feel compassion for animals and urge them to take a stand and help put a stop to animal abuse.

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