What lies beneath that happy face

September 1, 2011
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Restless nights thinking
Hopeless thoughts wishing
Faithless me annulling
For the pain to end immediately

& I'm speechless here yearning
Pointless to be feeling
Nonetheless withstanding
The pain life causes with fury

So helpless body
Careless theory
Meaningless beauty
Is that all I am to you really?

& here I am pleading
Screaming for you to see me
For the agonizing feeling
To simply vanish for infinity

Yet awe less understanding
Helpless mind screaming
Eager less attempting
To explain all of my feelings!

With my effortless meaning
You can see me bleeding
I'm left here lonely
Watching as the time aches my mind with so many theories.

Reminiscing burning
Praying to be forgiven
But all I'm left with simply
Is my aching heart beating

Life is such a journey
Nevertheless a bit of pity
I guess all we can do is suck it up
& hope that live becomes something worth living..

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