Battle for Breakfast

September 1, 2011
By Pinqui BRONZE, Orem, Utah
Pinqui BRONZE, Orem, Utah
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'Twas the morning of Monday - and all through the kitchen
Cereal was thrown into bright plastic dishes
The boxes were strewn on the floor without care
Honeycombs, Frosted Flakes kicked here and there

The Grape Nuts were gloating together in goodness
For no one would eat them, They all feared the "wholeness"
Co-co Puffs had not a clue what had happened
As they were crammed down the throats of ravenous madmen!

Little hands grabbed for the bowls full of Trix,
While into small babies went mouthfuls of Kix.
Teenagers scrambled for Cinnamon Life
And Special K went to the waist watching wives.

Cheerios smiled; being chewed rather slowly
By denture-d old men for cholesterol low-ing
THEN... the cereals all began bickering crudely
The dish and the spoon behaving quite rudely

Out on the stove there arose such a clatter
The rolled Oatmeal bubbled, spittered, and splattered
Dollops of honey, brown sugar and butter
Melted in Cream-of-Wheat and Grits on the counter

Soon, rose a war of box versus pot
Then it became Name-brand versus not
Kelloggs teamed up with their new ally Post
Against General Mills and Old Quaker Oats

Tony the Tiger and Sugar Bear truly
Fought in a manner entirely zoo-ly
Lucky the leprechaun went out with a bang,
For his treasure was found by Toucan Sam and his gang

Cap'n Crunch bravely defended his friends
From those crafty Apple Jacks, who were at it again!
Franken and Boo-Berry were there for a season
With Count Chocula too, who fought without reason

Fred, on his quest for the sweet fruity pebbles,
Was met by King Vitamin whose efforts he crippled.
What a glorious battle, what a sight to behold.
A plethora of taste and color to be sold!

With a Snap, Crackle, Pop! The war was complete
And each cereal box one again took its seat
To start it all over, that glorious fun,
After the dawn of the Raisin Bran sun

The author's comments:
I have always loved my breakfast cereal, and thought that it would be a great idea to write a poem about all the different types.

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