August 2010

August 29, 2011
By hanlovesnsn BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
hanlovesnsn BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Love is what you've been through with somebody.

August 2010; that's when it all started.

It's stupid, because I don't remember the exact date,
but the day is imprinted in my mind like a tattoo or a stamp on a passport destined for somewhere far from here.
I wish I were..

Pulling up, hot, on a bike too big for me.
You, ready to flirt in the summer sun.
Me: big pieces of chalk and a clean street like the blank slate that was me and you.

August Twenty-something.

But it wasn't the time of day, or year.
It was the way you read the time from your telephone screen and announced the season;
S's and M's blending on your taste buds and beading into the breezeless sun shine.
The beginning sentences of a four month period full of them.

And then the hill on which the water tower, at this time, stood.
Proud, sparkles in hours of graffiti in hidden meanings,
telling silent truths in the beams of the sun.
The truths that I was telling,
straight-forward and clear,
understood as soon as their depths noticeably enveloped the lobes of your ears and further,
which led to the first kiss.

Blue dresses and blue skies,
both changing in the wind and shadows that didn't cool my skin.

Topics amongst anything from your current girlfriend to the curls on your head,
and the gears turned in my brain in sync with the beat of your heart,
heavy-headed on future hopes and dreams.

You said you would end it for me,
and you did.

And as blue-eyed birds sang from skies and power lines,
the colors of the sunset rang nine o'clock and that bike,
too big for me,
carried you home guiltless.

The author's comments:
The first breakup of me and my ex-boyfriend Tim inspired me to write about the first time we ever hung out.

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