The Unexpected Phone Call

August 29, 2011
By Shadowquill BRONZE, Willow Hill, Pennsylvania
Shadowquill BRONZE, Willow Hill, Pennsylvania
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I dont care for a man who can spell a word only one way

I went to college,

My first day Mom,

And you told the truth, I love it,

I already made friends and was invited to a party.

I'm at the party now Mom,

So tell Dad not to worry,

If I don't call tonight,

I'll tell you about the party tomorrow.

Don't be mad Mom,

I just gave it a try,

Just a little nip to taste,

And don't worry I didn't like it.

We're leaving early Mom,

So I might be able to call you after all,

My friends are laughing and goofing off,

Tell Dad not to worry though, I'm driving like he taught me.

We're at the last intersection Mom,

So expect a phone call soon,

My friends are hitting the back of my seat,

Should I tell them to stop Mom?

Mom? Can you tell Dad I'm sorry?

That I didn't keep my eyes,

On the road like he told me,

and looked away a moment instead?

I'm sorry to you to Mom,

That I had to go home so soon,

And that the phone call you got,

Was unexpected.

The author's comments:
I was sitting outside and listening to the cars pass when the Band Perry's song If i Die Young started to play on the radio, I've been told it's depressing but what I am trying to express is that even though we miss the people who are gone from our lives, they didn't leave us willingly.

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