Family Dinners

August 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Mommy used to say, I want a family dinner
But that’s before I caught Daddy in the kitchen
With his hand raised high to hit her
Now we have rolls and hotdogs
Except on birthdays and Christmas
Then we go to Grandma’s
Because Mommy says, She missed us!

Clearly this was long ago
I don’t remember much
It must have been important though
Because of all the paperwork and stuff
I used to think he was on a trip
Somewhere far away
And buying us a brand new house
For when we would come someday
But I also used to think
That bruises were like Grapes
That got caught deep beneath the skin
And could not find an quick escape
Now I know about one-way glass
And that Daddy’s on the other side
I’ve told my Mommy I want to see him
But she just says, That’s life

I think I’ll go to visit sometime
Perhaps when I’m much older
Then again, perhaps I won’t
If he comes to find me sooner
And if we do have the opportunity
To grab a bite to eat
I’d like to ask him plainly
Why he felt the need

Then I’d take another sip of water -
Stare at my Daddy in the eyes
Before swallowing down my horror
At the spew of deadened lies
He probably would grin at me
An, I’m Daddy don’t you see? expression
And invite me to join in with him
For a life of renewed confession

At this point I would have two choices:
One to run, one to road
Unfortunately for my diary
The answer isn’t slow
I’d take a final swig
Of icy callous cold
Slam my glass down on the table
And lock his eyes to hold
Then I’d punch him in the face
And take a final sigh
All to whisper in his ear
Mommy says, ‘That’s life,’

The author's comments:
I am surrounded by too many peers who struggle with a broken home. This poem exemplifies the inner struggles and thoughts that pass through the mind of a young, single-parented child with an abusive father.

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