August 29, 2011
By , University Park, IL
She walks into the house.
Ignoring the empty beer bottles
And cigarette buts
Contaminating the floor
with their utter uselessness.
They call to her
they want to mix with her sorrows.
But still she ignores them.
She's had a long day at work.

She trudges to the kitchen
and opens the fridge.
Expired milk
Expired everything.
She laughs,
it is a humorless sound
that lingers in the air
to pierce the ears
of any passerby
who just so happened to hear.
She curses her memory.
How could she have forgotten again?
Another day without food.
A swift glance to the window.

A single
Sits upon its pane.
her pain.

With an animalistic
shriek of rage
she throws the saucepan from the stove
of greasy water.
But the rodent scurries away.
And the pot sails
Through the window
crashing to earth with violence.
She laughs.

Gripping the edge of the counter
knuckles turning white
from lack of circulation.
She contemplates
why things ended up this way.

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