Why must the good die young ?

August 29, 2011
By missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
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people often ask me,

where it is I feel at home,

but it's not really a place, or feeling,

rather - it's a person I have known.

he's my one true love, my only forever,

my childhood sweetheart,

no one has ever loved me better,

never, have I ever wanted a boy to stay,

my emotions are impulsive,

attractions quickly fade away,

dismayed, I was, when I found I couldn't leave,

his side, is my rock,

you can never conceive,

believe me, we've been together all my life,

I wake up to his voice,

he lulls me to sleep at night,

when I cry, he soothes me,

he seems to always understand,

takes my place, takes my pain,

he seems to take my hand,

he was born in the 70s,

in a place we know as New York,

he can be quite debonair,

but I love when he's a dork,

he deejayed as a child,

but grew up a musician,

as a sound, as a culture,

that many of us now live in,

his mother's name is Jazz,

and I like her soul,

she can be kind of blue,

but she taught him everything he knows,

he's picked up some new tricks,

since the last time we spoke,

I'm not sure I like his new style,

bad influences often choke,

invoke, mainstream ideas,

he's becoming part of the common,

I don't know who he is,

but my love is still strong and,

I hope and pray to God

that my baby will come through,

be true, to himself, all that he did,

I wish he'd undo,

press the escape button,

turn around his whole life,

can't you see how hard it'll be?

I'm committed as his wife,

his friends just laugh

and tell him to go along,

mix up, mash up,

remix, his old songs,

autotune has my baby confused,

but consumed,

filled his room, sealed his doom,

rolled the stone over his tomb,

soon, he'll be but a shadow,

a ghost of his past,

dubstep and techno

will have prevailed at last,

but they don't have the power

to fix how I feel,

one on one, my boy and me,

we will always be real,

so forget all the trash,

the pop that ruined my culture,

eating up my joys,

like a ravenous vulture,

but I'll always have him,

or what he used to be,

legally bound, to my love,

and till death do us party.

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