blind in growth

August 23, 2011
By me,myselfandI GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
me,myselfandI GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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As a child it's hard to see what those around us don't tell us
but as we grow we begin to understand that the unspoken words are the words that we need the understand the most, to grow into are own individual beings to understand the life that we will soon one day live on are own
we are protected.....
by are parents hidden secrets
we did not understand the pain and confuson bring
we are lied to, to keep our innocents
to shelter us from this world that we live in.....
but what they don't know is that we learn more that they think
because they are no longer able to protect us from what we
encounter in our life out side of home.......
i was blind as a child but now i can see from the world that is around me the thoughts really do run through my head
i rather give up my knowledge in trad for my innocents in the end
so now the wanting to grow up has faded away
but i have no chose age is here to say so as i walk across the stage with my diploma in hand, i just wish that i can do it all over again

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