August 29, 2011
By BlindRead BRONZE, Saskatoon, South Carolina
BlindRead BRONZE, Saskatoon, South Carolina
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Let me write a lyric. I'll attempt to put my pick to a string.
Ill strive for a perfect melody. One that feels like electrity through your body.
When it plays, you will feel warm. You will feel happy.
You will feel safe.
Let me be your saving grace. In times of grief, think of me.
I want every inhale to be filled with courage. Remember the power of one note.
It will make you feel alive again.
Let me be that impact. I'll leave you feeling limitless.
I will be the adrenaline that pierces your body. With that, you can climb
any altitude.
Let me be your change. With that one strum, I turned your world inside out.
It brought your challenge infront of your face.. and you faced it. With that one
strum, I initiated your tears that detoxed you to the place you are now.
Always let me be your unflagging belief.
With that, I will always aspire to play you a lyric.
Put that pick to a string.
And continue to strive for that perfect melody.

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