August 28, 2011
By Anonymous

As high as the tallest mountain, as far as can see
You’ve always been there, right next to me
Not visible by sight, nor heard by a sound
Yet the feelings I felt, were so very profound

I’d searched for this feeling forever I’d swear
Searching for something, or someone who cares
You were here all along, waiting to be found
Now I’ve found you my dear, my feelings are bound

Like water falls to the ground, I’ve fallen for you
Fallen like an angel, you came into the strife
The answer to my prayers that I’d been searching for my whole life
The feelings that I’ve felt, I hope you feel too

Like gravity pulls the world, you pull me towards you
My doctor, you took my breath, and gave it back again

In the name of the Son and the Father, amen

The author's comments:
I am a very strong believer in my religion, and that entitles that our Father gives us opportunities. He gave me the opportunity to love, and also to the opportunity to have the Holy Ghost.

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