I Wish... I Could....

August 28, 2011
By BloodRoseLover96 SILVER, Michigan City, Indiana
BloodRoseLover96 SILVER, Michigan City, Indiana
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I Wish… I could….
I am seven.
I wish I were eleven.
I could then ride my bike to school without Mom.
Then again,
If I were eleven,
I would have more chores.
I wish I were thirteen.
I could then buy my own clothes.
I would have to get a job.
I wish I were sixteen.
I could then drive where I want and not ask Dad.
Then again,
I would have to buy gas.
I wish I were eighteen.
I could then have a boyfriend that Dad doesn’t like.
Only if we did not have to kiss.
I wish I were twenty-one.
I could then move out and get a place of my own.
I would also have to pay bills.
I wish I were seven.
I can take naps and have no homework.
My age will do fine for now,
I am happy with no bills, no kissing, not having to pay for gas, less chores, naps, no homework, and no job.
I am happy being me.

The author's comments:
seven is a tough age. you are constantly
supervised and bossed around. but what if you
could change your age?

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