Dream Or Reality

August 28, 2011
By Victory_Of_The_People SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Victory_Of_The_People SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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I would rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not

Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?
No one knows I dream about this.
What a waste of such a pretty wrist.
Is it wrong that I would rather see you dead?

And I'm more alive when I'm asleep
dreaming of a world where I'm your only one
Please, don't wake me up
Because this dream is the only thing real to me

So deep

Can we create something wonderful and tear it down?
The shards are almost as magnificent as the lies
Fleeting and fragile, but perfect in their frailties
This is my reality

My life
So please, can we break it?
Can we rip apart this perfect dream,
And build a new one?

Again, and again, and again

Because I'm lost
Misplaced somewhere in all the failures and second-tries
that I have created, recreated, and thrown away to start again
I don't even know anymore

Is this a dream, or reality?

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